GotAuthentic auctions - description

Our auctions work on a similar principle to other well-known auction servers (such as eBay or Aukro). We don't force you to watch the end time of the auction, but you can set your maximum you are willing to pay for an item in advance and the system then bids for you. So you don't have to be online at the time the auction ends, nor do you have to inflate the amount (perhaps unnecessarily?) and make the item more expensive for yourself to have a better chance of getting it. Still, if you are seriously interested, we recommend that you check the progress of the auction at the end of the auction, you can then possibly still respond to further increases in the current amount.

How to bid?

Completed registration of a user profile on our website is essential. Once you have completed registration by clicking through to the registration email, you can bid on any items. Simply enter your amount you are willing to pay for the item and confirm. If the auction setup requires a minimum bid, this is indicated directly in the amount entry box. You can also enter your maximum amount under consideration directly.

Who wins?

The winner is always the highest bidder. If two bidders offer the same amount, the one who offered it first wins (see Examples)

What amount wins?

If you have set a maximum of, for example, 1000 crowns, it does not mean that you must necessarily pay 1000 crowns for the item. If the nearest bidder offers, say, 500 crowns, you will get the item for the closest higher amount that fits the auction rules. For example, 501 or 550 crowns (depending on the auction settings).

When does the auction end?

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the auction ends at a predetermined time. Thus, the last bid in an auction ending, for example, at 20:00, can be made at 19:59:59. The exception to this is extended auctions, where any bid made in the last minute of the auction time will extend the auction by an additional 60 seconds. This rule is repeated until one minute (60 seconds) has elapsed without another bid.

Examples (hypothetical auction with starting price 1000 CZK and end at 20:00)

Bidder A bid 1000 crowns for the item at 7:00 pm and was the only bidder. He gets the item for this amount.

Bidder A offered for the object an amount equal to the starting price of CZK 1,000. Bidder B also has a maximum of 1000 crowns, but since he must always bid more than the last displayed amount, the system will not allow him to bid this amount.

Bidder A offers 3000 crowns for the object. The winning bid of 1000 crowns will be displayed at the auction and will remain there until the next bidder bids his amount. If bidder B bids 1500 crowns a moment later, the system will compare the two bids and tell bidder B that his bid is not enough. The current displayed winning bid at that moment will be 1501 crowns according to the auction settings.

Bidder A offers 1000 crowns for the object. The amount will be displayed at the auction as the winning bid. Bidder A changes his mind and bids 3000 crowns. The system remembers the highest bid amount and bids up to this limit for the bidder. Until the first bid of the next bidder, the winning amount remains CZK 1,000, which is continuously increased after further bids of other bidders. If anyone else later bids the same final amount of CZK 3,000, Bidder A wins the auction because he bid his maximum amount first.

GotAuthentic auctions - description