Frequently Asked Questions


I have an item with documentation from another supplier, how can I upload it to the system?

Entries into the system are not limited in any way, you can state that the item is certified in the item description and upload the certifying document in the photo gallery. If you want the item to be searchable as certified, apply for Certificate Acknowledgement. See GotAuthentic Certification Terms.

Why should I pay for the acknowledgement of my 3rd party certificate?

One of the key features of the GA Marketplace is an easy-to-use yet most precise search facility. With your symbolic payment you’ll allow the administration team of the GA Marketplace to verify the authenticity of all the uploaded certificates for each particular item and reject the creation of items with invalid or forged documentation, or even items that are not certified at all. This will guarantee you always get only truly certified items when searching for those.

Is it possible to upload my non-certified items to the system?

Yes! It is not only possible but even encouraged. Uploading such an item is always free. You will be able to trade this item, offer it for sale or auction, or, if needed, block it. It is also possible to request supplemental item certification. Please see our Supplementary Certification Process.

I received an outside offer for an item that is marked as blocked in the GotAuthentic system. How should I proceed?

We suggest you first contact the owner of the item on GotAuthentic. It may happen that it is marked as stolen by mistake. If the owner confirms that the item has been stolen, we strongly recommend rejecting the offer. You will not be able to transfer the item marked as stolen to your account and claim it as your own. The information about a stolen item will remain publicly available in the database, making it more difficult for thieves to sell the item anywhere else.


Is it possible to further modify certified items in the system?

Once certified, there’s only a limited possibility to amend your item. The main part of the certificate photos and description provided by the seller can only be changed in justified cases by the administrator (for example, 'photomatch' photos can be added). However, the original photo documentation and description from the original supplier will always remain unchanged. It is necessary to ensure that the item that you see in photos in our system, and which can therefore be offered for sale, is the one that you will receive. The original photo and other documentation (e.g. from the original seller) are used for the verification of the item's authenticity. It is also not possible to change serial numbers of items or to tamper with the proof of damage and repairs to the item. It is also not possible to remove an existing photo or add a new one to the certified part of the item for example, when one does not like the original picture. However, the user can only edit the note in the item description or hide the owner of the item.

I want to insert a new item, but the team is not on your list. What should I do?

Not a problem at all! In this case select "Other" in the team field. You can also contact a GA Customer Support and request the new team to be added to the selection.


How are items protected against theft? What should I do if someone steals one of my items, or if I lose it?

As unfortunate such situation may be, here at GA we are fully considerate of protecting your assets. Therefore, we suggest you immediately block the item in the system. You can do so by clicking on the “Block” option on the item tab and state the reason for the blockage. The card will then be displayed to others, but with a warning of suspicious activity. When reading the QR code from the certification card, the same information appears. For a potential thief, it will be difficult to sell a certified item as only the actual owner can block an item. It is therefore crucial, when buying an item, to insist on completing the transaction and transferring the item to your own collection. You can eventually unblock an item again in the same way, using the “Unblock” tab directly on the item card.


Why is it important to complete a transaction in the GA system?

Transacting within the GA system is important especially for the buyer who obtains complete protection of the item, the right to further administer it (e.g. issuance of a new certificate card for a lost one) or resale. By trading outside the GA system, the buyer physically obtains the item, but without the possibility to resell it, block it or otherwise manage it on the platform. For example, only the official owner of an item can report a possible theft. It is therefore of utmost importance as a buyer to complete your transaction upon receiving the item by pressing the “Item received” tab.

I am interested in an item that is not marked as for sale. How can I contact the owner with an offer?

You can write a private message to the owner by clicking on the message icon directly on the item tab. However, it is up to the owner to entertain the conversation or accept the offer.

I am a former or current player, referee, or official and I want to sell some of my items in an auction or offer them for regular sale. What should I do?

Contact the support, who will be happy to discuss the details with you, including any certification of the offered items. We can set up your online auctions, including certification, completely free of charge. Our regional associate would first contact you to verify your identity and then help you get set up for what your need.

Can I sell an item registered in the GotAuthentic system outside the system?

Of course you can, however, we do not recommend it. By trading in the GotAuthentic platform, you contribute to the security and transparency of the collector's community and simplify the subsequent management of the item for its new owner. Items and transactions in the GotAuthentic platform offer a greater protection than outside the system, pin addition all payments are made safely via PayPal.

Can I gift an item? What happens with the transfer of ownership rights and fee?

It is possible to trade an item to another GA user for a symbolic amount (e.g. 3 USD) using the standard transaction process.

I pressed the Buy button, however, I changed my mind. What do I do?

Until you complete the payment you may, at any time, cancel the transaction using the “Cancel” button on the Transaction / Payment page.

It’s been over 28 days since I paid for my purchase but haven’t received my item yet. What can I do?

Let’s check the transaction status first. If further details regarding the shipment are missing, we recommend contacting the seller with a request for assistance. In case the seller engages with you in an effort to resolve the issue we suggest you may give them a certain amount of time to resolve the situation. In case there’s limited to no progress, please contact the GA Customer Support.

Can I buy an item on GotAuthentic if I don't have a PayPal account?

Yes, you only need a credit/debit card to purchase an item on GotAuthentic. The steps of the purchase transaction are the same as when paying by credit card or via PayPal. The purchase process is really simple.

I'd like to sell my items, but I have to onboard with PayPal first?

We value the security and protection of our customers and do our best to ensure safe, hassle-free transactions. This is one of the primary reasons we partnered up with PayPal, one of the leading online payment providers. To be able to sell your items, please ensure that you have linked your PayPal account with GotAuthentic, which is called Onboarding with PayPal. You can do so in your GA User Profile.

I’m having trouble with my PayPal account or a recent payment. What shall I do?

If you're having problems paying with PayPal, need help with your PayPal account, or would like to enquire about a recent PayPal transaction kindly contact the PayPal Customer Support directly. You can contact PayPal by going to their website and selecting Contact on the bottom of any page.

How can I follow a shipment?

When shipping an item, we recommend the seller to use a tracked shipping service that allows for the parcel item delivery to be monitored online as well as with SMS and/or email notifications. This service is available with most of the renowned parcel delivery and postal companies. The seller can share the tracking details with the buyer using the Message service in the Transaction detail.


Will my items always be visible at the GA Marketplace? Can I change their accessibility?

The GA Marketplace serves all of its members as all items remain in our system. However, if you own an item, you can make it anonymous. If you do not want others to know that you own a particular item, click the 'Hide Owner' on the ‘Item Edit’ tab. The photo and the description of the item will remain in the database, but the owner will stay hidden. You can change the availability status of an item by pressing the ‘Not For Sale’ tab. To enable the item again, simply set the price again or auction the item.

How do I transfer an item to my profile after purchasing?

The item will be automatically transferred to the new owner’s collection with all related rights and electronic documentation, including photo gallery, immediately after the seller and buyer confirm the success of the transaction. From then on, the buyer can manage the item.

What can I place on the GA Marketplace?

You can place virtually any sport souvenir or memorabilia on the GotAuthentic Marketplace. Remember to always choose the right category - jersey, puck, hockey stick, equipment and armament, memorabilia, others. You can increase the success of a sale or auction with a quality description and sufficient image documentation, or a certificate.

How do I return a jersey onto the GA Marketplace that someone offered me without documentation and transfer of the item?

In this case, it is necessary to ask the GA Customer Support for request verification. The administrator will contact the last known owner of the items asking for its status of availability. If the owner confirms that the item does not belong to them anymore or if there is no response for 90 days, it will be possible to return the item back to the system and add it to the collection of the new owner.

What if I inherit an item? How do I get the rights to administer the item if I do not know the login information to the user’s profile?

Contact the GA Customer Support to inform us. The Support team will attempt to contact the current owner for 180 days to create space for the owner to block the transfer in the event of fraud. After 180 days, the applicant will be asked to prove possession of the item via a video call or physical verification by an authorized GotAuthentic representative. Once verified, it will be possible to transfer the item or the entire collection to the account of the new owner. The process can be expedited by submitting an official inheritance document listing each item.


I am not interested in receiving any messages or offers for items in my collection. How do I arrange that?

If you do not want others to know that you own a particular item, click 'Hide Owner' on the ‘Edit’ tab. Once an item is anonymous, no one will be able to contact you for that particular item.


I do not agree with the shipping fee amount when purchasing an item. Can I negotiate a lower rate?

The shipping rate is always determined by the seller. If you find it unreasonable, you can try to negotiate a shipping fee reduction. However, as you are obliged to pay the shipping fees stated in the description of the transaction at the time of sale, we urge you to always check the shipping rate carefully. If you do not agree with it, do not pay for the item.

I received an outside offer for an item that is marked as stolen in the GotAuthentic system. How should I proceed?

We suggest you first contact the owner of the item on GotAuthentic. It may happen that the card is marked as stolen by mistake. If the owner confirms that the item has been stolen, we strongly recommend rejecting the offer. You will not be able to transfer the item marked as stolen to your account and claim it as your own. The information about a stolen item will remain publicly available in the database, making it difficult for thieves to sell the item anywhere else.

I suspect there is a counterfeit or non-genuine item in the system. What should I do?

Contact the GA Customer Support via the ‘Report’ button on the item card. Please describe the reasons for your suspicion and, if possible, submit documents (photos, detailed information) that support your opinion. GotAuthentic will investigate the issue.

I have sold my item outside of the system. What shall I do?

In case you were not able to convince the buyer to become a GotAuthentic user and execute the transaction on the Marketplace, report the sale to the GA Customer Support and we'll help you sort out the situation in the system.

What shall I do when the received item is not the one I purchased?

In case there is a discrepancy between the purchased and received item, or in case you don’t receive the purchased item at all, we recommend contacting the seller via our messaging system. The GotAuthentic community will appreciate you sharing your experience with everybody through the Transaction Feedback form. In case you and the seller are unable to resolve the situation together, we suggest you contact PayPal and file a claim for your payment. You can contact PayPal by going to their website and selecting Contact on the bottom of any page. We’d appreciate you reporting this situation also to the GA Customer Support.

I have received the purchase amount from the buyer, however, I lost the item in the meantime.

In such a case it is essential that you immediately contact the buyer and inform them that you will return the full paid amount including all the fees and shipping costs. Furthermore, please contact the GotAuthentic Customer Support where we will help you resolve the pertinent ownership rights and transfer issue for this item.


Can I become a GotAuthentic Expert or Contributor?

If you are interested in helping us improve our services, the Marketplace and aim for greater transparency and credibility of the collectors’ community, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You will need recommendations from other collectors from your country participating in the GA ecosystem, or a reasonable number of positive reviews of transactions on GotAuthentic. You may specialize in only a specific sport, country, season, or competition, nevertheless, your main qualification should be your desire to treat others fairly. We also welcome you to give us a suggestion for someone who would meet these requirements.