Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of your data is important to us. We may usually manipulate the data of the Items, both for the purpose of enforcing the Terms and Conditions as well as for example when you request your Item to be certified. We log and monitor every such access. So we can always check to see if any unauthorized access has taken place. Otherwise, we only manipulate the data if you ask us directly.

Got Authentic LLC declares that all personal data of users and visitors are considered confidential and are treated in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 and with effect from 25 May 2018 with Regulation (EU) 2016/679. We do not provide any personal data of users to third parties. The Terms and Conditions of this website will be enforced to protect your data.

Where do we store personal data?

Users' personal data is stored on servers in the European Union. The data does not leave and is not stored outside of the European Union.

What personal data do we collect?

All information below is considered confidential and is subject to these data privacy and protection terms and we reserve the right to collect the following information.

Personal data of GotAuthentic users:

Users who have registered at and use GotAuthentic services digitally manage their collections of sports memorabilia and items and transact with them.

By registering, GotAuthentic requires the following: name, e-mail address, telephone number, country of residence, language preference, favorite sport, address for delivery of purchased items, user name and password.

After logging in to the application, the user can change the data in his account, add other data, such as a profile picture. The user can create a digital version of his/her/their objects and memorabilia, including their descriptions and related images and videos. Individual items can then be displayed to other users or even offered for sale. Other users can see the item's description, related images and videos, certificates, item status, owner username, number of views of the item by other users, owner user rating, number of successfully completed transactions by user, user registration date, last owner activity, and last modified date of the item.

If the user decides to buy a paid membership or to buy and sell on the GotAuthentic platform, they must have created an account with PayPal. PayPal is a third party online payment provider which secures and executes all payment transactions for GotAuthentic.

Credit card numbers or other sensitive payment details are processed by PayPal. We do not store or have access to credit card numbers or other sensitive payment information.

When purchasing items on GotAuthentic, the seller will see your full name and delivery address for the purchased item.

The user acknowledges that GotAuthentic may send commercial communications regarding our services to the e-mail address attached to each user's account.

Personal data of visitors:

For visitors using this website and information sites used by GotAuthentic, data such as IP address, type of web browser, type of operating system, and approximate location may be collected by GotAuthentic.

We also store the following:

  • Information obtained through cookies
  • Information from web server logs
  • Information obtained from questionnaires or similar forms

Personal data will be kept on file for five years past the last activity on GotAuthentic.

By registering an account with GotAuthentic, users accept that the data administrator is entitled to provide any data to the relevant authorities upon request.

How is personal data secured?

We protect users' personal data using contemporary standards. User accounts are protected against brute force attacks. Secure passwords are stored in a hash format.

Communication between GotAuthentic and the user is secured using SSL / TLS encryption.

How about us and cookies?

In order to increase the quality of our services, we store cookies on the user’s device.

We use different types of cookies for the following purposes:

  • to identify the device
  • to optimize our website
  • to provide or offer personalized services
  • for third party services such as Google, Facebook, List among others

By using our services, the user acknowledges that we may use some or all types of cookies and agrees that we may store cookies on the device used to access this site.

If the user does not agree with this, please adjust the settings of your internet browser or refrain from using GotAuthentic. The user can block cookies in the settings of their browser allowing to refuse to accept all or some cookies.

If the user sets their internet browser to block all cookies, it is possible that some of our services will be partially inoperable.

Our website may use cookies at the time of the visit by the user if their internet browser is not set to block cookies.

How can personal data be edited or deleted?

After logging in to GotAuthentic, the user can edit or delete any personal data. If the user wants to completely delete all personal data and data that GotAuthentic stores, then it is necessary to contact GotAuthentic customer support, who will help you with this request.

The account deletion process is irreversible and is only performed at the active request of the user. After closing the account, we will delete the complete data within 60 days. Data will also be deleted from our backups. Accounting data will be kept in accordance with applicable laws for the shortest possible time.

General Terms and Conditions

Use of GotAuthentic is governed by our Terms & Conditions.

Final Provisions

  • By continuing to use the GotAuthentic sites and services, you express your free, specific, informed and unequivocal will that you understand the processing of your personal data in accordance with these rules.
  • We are entitled to change these rules in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • We will advise all users if any rules are adjusted or changed over the course of time.
  • These rules shall take effect on 21 November 2021.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to

Users can contact us at the above e-mail address to exercise any right regarding your data, such as the right to delete, object or transfer data.