The Great One deserves only the very best. The Wayne Gretzky commemorative banknote delivers an extraordinary combination of premium security features, design, manufacturing, art, and printing technology.

Apart from being exclusive signed collectibles, TOP LEGENDS commemorative banknotes offer multiple sensory experiences. Illuminate the commemorative banknote with a UV lamp to reveal the hidden features telling the story about Wayne Gretzky's best season. A magnifying glass allows you to see invisible microtext made with sophisticated raster techniques. When you view the lower part of the ice hockey rink under a microscope, a hologram rewards you with a six-page story of Wayne Gretzky's life. When inspected against the sunlight, you can see TOP LEGENDS’ one-of-a-kind watermark. Examine your banknote® with every sense to discover all the hidden features it offers.


Usain Bolt, the living legend of track and field and the most decorated sprinter in history, needs no introduction. His name has become synonymous with speed, power, and an infectious charm that has captivated fans worldwide. Bolt's commemorative banknote series is a testament to his enduring impact on the world of athletics and his status as an eternal source of inspiration for athletes of all generations.

As the first in our Athletics series, the Usain Bolt commemorative banknote, just like his electrifying sprints on the track, promises to dazzle with its intricate design and craftsmanship, featuring sophisticated techniques like intaglio printing and a UV-fluorescent layer that illuminates all of Bolt’s achievements and medals in stunning detail. Examine the banknote® under a magnifying glass, microscope or a UV light to reveal all of the messages hidden in the design.

GotAuthentic prepared wiht TOPLEGENDS for YOU these special and exclusive items:

WAYNE GRETZKY + USAIN BOLT commemorative banknotes - paired with nice and lucky Serial No. B04 0000001, B04 0000003 and B04 0000007 exclusive only on
WAYNE GRETZKY commemorative banknote GOLDEN SIGNED and CERTIFIED exclusive only on
WAYNE GRETZKY commemorative banknote Serial No. 99 exclusive only on
USAIN BOLT commemorative banknote "9.58" - index 9 Serial No. 58 exclusive only on
USAIN BOLT commemorative banknote SIGNED and CERTIFIED (3 items)
WAYNE GRETZKY commemorative banknote (5 items)
USAIN BOLT commemorative banknote (3 items)

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The packaging for the commemorative banknote is crafted from special, fully dyed graphic paper. Title part and spine of the cover are hot-stamped with gold foil. The commemorative banknote itself is encased in a protective foil sleeve that shields it from external environmental conditions. It is doubly protected by a hand-pulled paper cover, complete with unique banknote pulp.

A frame with a base is the ideal option for displaying a commemorative banknote on a shelf or on a table. The base ensures stability, and the double-sided clear plexiglass, in turn, provides a discreet and variable way of display.

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